Hill County has deployed a new Harris P25 800 Mhz Radio System.  This system is open to be used by Hill County First Responders below, with restrictions.  The radio system will have some channels tied to our legacy, VHF Conventional system, to ease the financial strain on some entities in the county.  Our VHF legacy system will remain up, and supported until 04/01/2025.  Our new 800Mhz System is much more secure and will have better coverage overall.

Notice of Restrictions

All Radios on the Hill County 800 Mhz system must comply with the below restrictions, to be allowed on the system:

  • Radios must be manufactured by Harris or Motorola.
    • Radios outside the above-listed manufacturers must have prior authorization.  Entities who elect to use radios outside the above manufacturers will be required to provide programming software, programming cables and necessary programming keys to Hill County to facilitate programming.
  • Radios must be P25 Trunking
  • Radios must be Phase 2/TDMA
  • Radios may NOT be FDMA at this time
  • All participating agencies must complete an Inter-Local Agreement with Hill County.

All Radios will be programmed by Hill County Emergency Management Radio Administrator unless otherwise approved in writing.

Authorized Users

Hill County will authorize, upon request from the following entities, use of the radio system:

Hill County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO), Hill County Constables (All Precincts), Hill County Commissioners (All Precincts), Hillsboro Department of Public Safety, Hill County Volunteer Fire Departments, Careflite EMS, Whitney Police Department, Hubbard Police Department, Itasca Police Department and the Texas Department of Public Safety and any other State Agency operating in Hill County where they use HCSO as a Public Safety Answering Point.  Each entity will be required to complete an Inter-Local Agreement (ILA).


Hill County assesses a user fee of $15 per radio and/or $7 per BEON Device, per month paid yearly.  Proceeds from the user fees go to a fund for the Radio System to sustain and/or upgrade it.

Hill County Point of Contact

Hill County Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator & Radio Administrator

Chris Jackson, 254-283-6957 or [email protected]

Fire Department Fillable Inter-Local Agreement:

Blank Fillable Inter-Local Agreement:

Known Sales Representatives

Below is a sampling of Vendors that have reached out to Hill County or that Hill County has done business with and is in no way a preferred list or list you must go by.  You may choose your own vendor and/or sales rep.

Sales Point of Contact for Harris Equipment: Michael Lockwood (281) 713-0405 [email protected]

Sales Point of Contact for Various Used Equipment, all Vendors: Command Communications  (877) 263-2666

Sales Point of Contact for New Motorola: Casey Moore (817) 368-8683 [email protected]

Sales Point of Contact for Kenwood Equipment: The Cambridge Group, Jay Thompson (214) 682-2187

Radio Info

Request Information on the Hill County Public Safety Radio System